What makes deep ocean water different from surface ocean water?

Kona Deep comes from a special deep ocean current that doesn’t mix with surface ocean water and is very pure. This water has never seen light, never seen human contaminants, and is extremely cold. Because of this, it’s naturally pure. We simply desalinate the water in order to make it safe for drinking.

What are deep ocean electrolytes?

Electrolytes are essential to the function of our cells and organs. Kona Deep has a unique blend of electrolytes and trace minerals that come directly from the ocean. Our electrolytes occur naturally and include Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride, Calcium and numerous trace minerals completely native to the ocean.

How do you bring the water to the surface?

In 1974, The State of Hawaii established HOST Park (Hawaii Ocean Science and Technology Park), a site for exploring emerging renewable and ocean based technologies. HOST Park is administered by NELHA (The National Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority). As Wikipedia states, “HOST Park is perhaps the largest single green economic development project in the world solely dedicated to growing a green economy.” At HOST Park, NELHA built a special pipe that reaches 3000’ underwater and pumps cold deep ocean water to surface. Also located at HOST Park, Kona Deep accesses that mineral rich deep ocean water and desalinates it using reverse osmosis while preserving its natural mineral and nutrient content.

Do you add anything to Kona Deep?

We add absolutely nothing.

What is the pH of Kona Deep?

Kona Deep has a natural pH of 6.7 which is close to the PH of the human body. This allows our naturally occurring deep ocean minerals to easily be absorbed without your body having to adjust the PH.

How can I learn more about the exact minerals in Kona Deep?

Email info@konadeep.com at your convenience for a water quality report from our plant in Hawaii

Are the plastic bottles BPA free? Are they recyclable?

Yes, we use BPA free plastic and the bottles are completely recyclable.

What does the wave in your logo symbolize?

The wave in our logo is an enso–an ancient, sacred symbol of Zen Buddhism. It has many meanings including strength, grace and completeness. An enso is created in one sweeping motion, using the traditional brushes, inks and papers of Japanese calligraphy. Our enso was hand drawn using these tools and reflects our belief that natural hydration is essential to keeping our bodies healthy and whole.